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The Panama Corporation - The Best Operative Component in International Asset Protection

Panama offers the best anonymous corporate laws in the world. There are over half a million Panama corporations. Panama is second in the world behind Hong Kong for creating offshore corporations.

Worldwide asset protection strategies use offshore corporations to own all assets shielding them from the offshore corporation's owner personal liabilities from divorce, civil lawsuits, bankruptcy, and government seizures.

Panama offshore corporations are anonymously owned through several ways. The real owner of a Panama corporation is protected by using "nominee" directors and officers which are employees of the law firm which created the Panama offshore corporation. The nominee's names are in the public records of the Panama corporation and not the true owner. Another way Panama corporations ownership can be kept private is by using "bearer" shares which are stock certificates showing the name as "Bearer". Whomever possesses the bearer shares owns the Panama corporation. Very few countries have corporate bearer shares which makes Panama offshore corporations unique.

Many countries have a legal process known as "Piercing the Corporate Veil" allowing a court to order the discovery of corporate records to see who really owns the offshore corporation. Panama's corporate laws do not allow this.

Bearer Shares
Panama is the last tax haven country with corporate bearer shares.
Assets parked in anonymous offshore Panama corporations are protected from creditors.

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